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In accordance with the Children’s Act 1989, 2004 and the Children Leaving Care Act 2000, it is the Local Authority’s responsibility to ensure every care leaver is properly prepared in making the transition from child to adulthood in a planned and effective way, to achieve the best possible outcomes for the individual young person.


Where necessary the council meets this obligation to care-leavers through the provision of semi independent accommodation. 


Mission Statement

Habitat4U will provide a young person focused service. This would be attained by providing support to the vulnerable young people and helping them to achieve better outcomes through education, training and skills that would enable them to live independently. 


Habitat4U has a programme that is designed to incorporate many of the skills needed for a successful transition towards independent living. These include:



Semi Independent Living 

Our Service

Habitat4U provide semi-independent accommodation and support worker services for vulnerable young people aged 16 - 21. Our   semi independent  living   provisions   have 24hours on-site support, staff cover.


Habitat4U ensures greater service delivery through targeted support and engagement of the young persons with the aid of our experienced support team. 


Habitat4U ensures that all our vulnerable young people are provided with accommodation that is safe and supported by key workers, who support them to develop key skills that allow them to live independently. Our tailored support packages help vulnerable young people to achieve better outcomes through education, training and health. 


  • Social skills – how to interact respectfully and positively with those around you


  • Self esteem – how to feel positive about yourself and your future


  • Managing relationships, including family, friends, work, college


  • Sexual health and contraception


  • Alcohol and drugs awareness


  • Current affairs – taking an interest in your community and issues that affect you


  • Jobs – looking for a job, interview techniques, CVs, pay, rights



  • Basic home maintenance - Use of electricity, gas water etc


  • Healthy living – how to keep fit and healthy, including exercise and diet


  • Money matters – Paying bills, budgeting, saving


  • Buying and preparing a healthy diet


  • Dealing with emergencies – basic first aid, power cuts, leaks, fire etc


  • Accessing services – benefits, job centres, education etc


  • Education – accessing courses and training, support with maintaining and succeeding



​All progress is recorded and monitored, and will be included in the young person’s report, with a view to demonstrate their progress towards independence.


Whilst our staff team have a wealth of experience and skills, we also recognise that some topics require specialist input from outside agencies, so we can organise courses for our young people to attend, for example Fire Awareness or First Aid training.



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